• Nina

Hochschule Anhalt- our adventures in the last weeks

Our fourth and fifth week from our Egypt-trip is gone. We made our last surveys for Reef Check and evaluated the results in the presentation. It is good to know that our surveys are used for management purposes of the reefs. We all hope that we get the chance to do this again one day. In the fourth week we all started our own projects and everyone could choose their own topic. Doing a night dive was just incredible; getting the chance to see different kinds of fishes and other animals you normally don't see was really cool. Many pale corals shined back in incredible coulours while flourescent snorkeling. Then we all had a nice trip to the Nabq protected area. There we observed desert plants (especially the desert melon), dunes, and we saw a desert fox! Further we snorkeled trough the mangroves for finding the juveniles of fishes which we already saw and know from their adult stages. We also saw beautiful upsidedown jellyfishes. On our last day we did a clean-up dive in Bannerfish Bay and afterwards worked hard to finish our study project before our final presentation. After we all had presented our study projects, we went to Wadi Gnai to look for the orchid! and for a good bye Bedouin dinner. Luckily we managed to leave Dahab just in time before the heavy rain started.

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