• Nina

New achievements. Hochschule Anhalt week 3

It’s been nine dives since we passed our Open Water Diver courses, two canyons, one mountain, six new dive sites around Dahab, many new species of underwater life and several hours checking out our new home for these five weeks. What is coming now is the next step:the survey dives and our training to become Reef Check Eco Divers! Within the last seven days we learned and saw a lot. We had presentations about the indicator fish and invertebrate species for Reef Check, learned how to categorize (human) impacts on the reef, and how to differentiate an array of substrates. We had much practice in identifying the species underwater, buoyancy training, calibrating our survey methods in our calibration dive and studying for our tests, in total we spent nine dives on this! We all passed the written and the underwater tests and are very proud to say that we are now Reef Check Eco Divers, so we can do what we came here for – conduct our survey dives. And so, we did. Now, we are thrilled and excited to finally see the results.

Students of the Hochschule Anhalt stay loyal to the sea. Stay tuned.

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