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Preliminary results of our Turtle Watch Project

Dear turtle friends!

Thank you for all the contributions and thanks to our intern Lena for the fantastic work on the Turtle Watch Project!

So far we have identified 19 different individuals around Dahab. Some have only been observed a few times, but for those observed more often, let us introduce some of them to you:

Helen is a Green Turtle and was first photographed in 2013 in Masbat bay. She has been photographed regularly since then, the last one being in February 2020. She was the first turtle added to our catalogue, basically the “guinea pig” of our new project.

Athena is also a Green Turtle having the bay as her home and feeding ground. She was first photographed in 2018 and has been observed several times. She has a small barnacle on her back.

Paris is a Hawksbill Turtle that that likes travelling. He was first observed in Shaab Said in 2005 and has also been photographed in Gabr el Bint, but more recently (2019) in the area around Canyon!

Karola is a Green Turtle first observed in 2005 at the Islands. She has been observed frequently in Masbat Bay until 2013. After that, we have no more photographs of her.

Petra is another Green Turtle. She has only been observed in Masbat Bay from 2014 until 2019.

Stephan, a Hawksbill Turtle, has been observed in Eel Garden and Masbat Bay from 2011 until 2020.

With your help and your pictures, we would love to continue this catalogue of sea turtles, and keep tracking those beautiful reptiles. Thanks again for your interest and contribution and please keep sending your photos to We identify them via photo-ID. For the identification the post-ocular scales of the turtles are used, the first line of scales behind their eyes. Therefore, we need pictures where the face of the turtle is visible, at best in a sideway position. To determine the turtles' sexes, we need information on the tail length, so if you (in addition to pictures showing the face) have pictures of the whole turtle, please add them! Thanks for your help! We have regular updates on our Facebook page Turtle Watch Red Sea.

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