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Welcome back Hochschule Anhalt!

First week: Ten students from HochschuleAnhalt arrived in Dahab, participating in a five week long student project with RSEC! The students are from semesters in both Bachelor’s and Master’s programs. Additional to learning a lot about marine life in the Red Sea and in general, they will also be participating in Reef Check EcoDiver

training. A highlight planned for the next weeks: the students will be starting their own small projects, observing certain species underwater and writing reports about it.

The first days in Dahab were occupied by a PADI Open Water Diver Course for nine out of the ten students. With extensive help of Sinai Divers Backpackers, all nine of the students successfully got certified as divers within four days, and now we’re all able to jump in the sea and see the amazing animals and plants we’ve learned about.

Since then, almost every day was filled with one or two presentations about different aspects of marine life and biology, for example a detailed information about invertebrates, some fun facts about seagrass, a how-to-identify guide on the fish of the Red Sea, and so on. Everybody is super motivated and eager to learn more!

Another project the students learned about is the Turtle Watch Project that is all about monitoring turtles. They learned about photo-identification of Green sea turtles and Hawksbill sea turtles, and even managed to identify some photos themselves! Now the only thing missing is seeing and photographing a turtle underwater themselves…

So far, Dahab has been a nice, interesting and knowledge-packed experience for them – let’s see what the next weeks bring!

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