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​RSEC Coordinator Chris

Chris is the coordinator of RSEC. He is a biologist and a coral specialist. His experience as bio dive guide and ambitious UW-photographer let him become an excellent connoisseur of the Red Sea coral reefs and its inhabitants. He is not permanent but temporarily at the fieldstation and otherwise working in RSEC Office in Germany and coordinating the actitivites from there. He is mainly giving 2 weeks courses, Reef Check and Conservation Project Training as well as supervising scientific guests and university groups. 

​Fieldstation Coordinator Nina

Nina is with RSEC since 2008. She is supervising our volunteers and conservation projects in Dahab. She is also conducting most of our marine biological courses. She has a MSc degree in marine biology from the University of Oslo (Norway) and studied Coral Reefs in Hurghada for her thesis. Over the years she became a passionate Conservationist and UW-Photographer as well as a Reef Check Course Director. 


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